Apothecaries Clinical Research

Our Mission

To provide world class clinical research services to our clients in a highly responsive, credible and professional manner, determined to meet timelines and economic limitations.

Our Vision

To become an international clinical research organization.

To set-up a chain of model community pharmacies in India.

To become a major Indian company providing application softwares and communication aids for the pharmaceutical industry and community pharmacies.

Our Doctrine

We are Committed to the Philosophy of Excellence (Commitment: A pledge to do a specific act or a thing; the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action. Philosophy: A system of motivating concepts or principles; the system of values by which one lives; Excellence: The state, quality of condition of excelling; superiority)

We are dedicated to meet our Clients' needs. (Client: One who gives us a chance to provide him our services)

We work as a Team with our business partners in a spirit of trust and cooperation.  (Teamwork: Cooperative effort by group members to achieve a common goal Business partners: Those with whom we do business - our customers and suppliers)

We believe in open communication.(Communication: The exchange of thoughts, messages or information)

We live and work Ethically. (Ethics: The accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of an individual in relationship with others)  

  Each individual in our organization is Important and Responsible.(Importance: Having great value, significance or consequence Responsible: Dependable, accountable, in-charge)

We focus Accountability for every assignment. (Accountable: Answerable; capable of being explained)

Head Office
579, Devli, East Sainik Farms, New Delhi 110 062 India