Axis group

Axis was founded in 2005 by a team of medical & pharmaceutical professionals who have broad experience in phase II-IV clinical trials. Axis Group has developed a number of close contacts with leading clinics, hospitals and laboratories, as well as with health authorities in Ukraine. Ukraine provides access to well-trained and motivated investigators who can enroll large numbers of treatment-naive patients in global clinical trials.

Axis staff has an extensive therapeutic expertise mainly in oncology, hematology and psychiatry. The key focus of the company is to provide innovative solutions to enhance patient’s recruitment and ensure high quality of collected clinical data. In all studies managed by Axis Group we have 100% recruitment rate or over-recruiment.We also review thoroughly planned and ongoing clinical research processes identifying contingencies and proposing effective solutions to ensure smooth progress of the project and to select the most cost-effective approach. Our organization is designed to achieve maximum flexibility reflecting changing research environment and to promote innovative processes, which should result in the shortening of trial start-up due to fast feasibility collection and completion of the study.

The Axis staff has experience in all major indications in clinical phases II-IV. Most employees of the local team are physicians with good relations to their colleagues in Universities and Hospitals.

Axis is developing database of investigators in specific subject areas.

Staff is being hand-picked and thoroughly trained: Axis offers its employees a diverse range of training courses and mentoring.

Axis maintains its own corporate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which govern all critical operations in trial management, data management, biostatistics, and clinical research report writing. These SOPs comply with all industry regulations set by TPD, FDA and ICH. Project-specific SOPs are generated as required.

Working with our partner Center of Clinical Research we provide full logistic support for our customers’ studies, including import and export of clinical supplies, biological samples and ancillary equipment, customs brokerage, centralized drug storage at certified warehouse, shipment of study medications and supplies, drug destruction.

Also Axis Group provides their customers with translation services of all documentation related to clinical trials and outsourcing of our CRAs, CTAs to other CROs and pharmaceuticals companies.

Head Office
Ushyns\'kogo St, 27 Kiev, 455017 Ukraine