Bio Analytical Research Corporation (BARC)

BioAnaLab was established in 2002 to provide an outsourcing solution for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals. This was based on the experience of its founders at the Therapeutic Antibody Centre (University of Oxford) where a large number of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, including CAMPATH®, were developed in a GMP setting.

Biopharmaceuticals are a rapidly growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry and present a unique set of challenges for their analysis. Novel methodologies are required to measure drug potency, pharmacokinetics and biodistribution, patient responses and product efficacy, and these all require development and validation in order to satisfy regulatory requirements.

BioAnaLab provides the scientific and regulatory insight necessary to overcome these challenges. We have a substantial team of experienced scientists, enabling us to offer a wide range of bespoke analytical services in the areas of assay development / transfer / establishment, assay validation and sample analysis. BioAnaLab has an independent Quality department and has been successfully inspected by the UK MHRA under GLP, GCP and GMP schemes and by Qualogy Ltd for GCLP. Studies which are not required for submission to a regulatory authority are also performed to the same high standards.

In our service to clients we aim to combine scientific and clinical insight with meticulous attention to regulatory compliance and on-time delivery.

Mission Statement

To become a leading international provider of specialised analytical services for biologics:

  • Contributing to the safety and efficacy of new drugs
  • Helping health care providers to prescribe the most suitable treatments
  • Setting and maintaining the highest standards of quality
  • Growing steadily to meet the market need and providing a reward for our investors
91 Milton Park Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 4RY UK