clinIT AG

clinIT is a unique provider of InformationTechnology and Data related services for clinical trials, post marketing surveillance and registries.

clinIT AG was founded in 2001, as a fully fledged Electronic Data Capture (EDC) company.

Previously the IT department of Dr. Manfred Koehler GmbH, clinIT AG emerged as a separate entity when interest in web-based trials and the services the department offered, increased. As partners, the companies offer a wide range of solutions to support and enhance your clinical trials.

clinIT AG is located in Freiburg, Germany and has a satellite office in Berlin.

clinIT AG offers a wealth of solutions and expertise with intuitive, flexible and robust software:

  • EDC with clinIT’s software solution [email protected]
  • Central randomisation systems, either web-based, phone-based or mixed model using Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) or embedded in [email protected]
  • ePRO as web-based or phone-based questionnaires
  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) built into [email protected] that facilitates comprehensive tracking and management of your trials
  • clinIT’s core competence is to build sophisticated systems which enable easy delivery of data in any required reporting format
  • Full IT, Data Management and Statistics support for the implementation of complex studies such as large multicentre studies with adaptive design
  • Disease Management tool

clinIT AG primarily serves pharmaceutical companies - both in R&D and postmarketing studies - and is increasingly working with Contract Research Organisations (CROs). clinIT AG offers PartnerPro , a comprehensive knowledge transfer program , which is a step-by-step approach to bring essential skills and know-how in-house.

Hornusstr. 16 D-79108 Freiburg, Germany