Ecla Contract Research Organization

ECLA ( Estudios Clínicos Latinoamérica ) is a Contract Research Organization devoted to provide support and expertise for the conduct of clinical trials in Latin America.
We help the pharmaceutical industry in its efforts to bring cutting edge therapies to the market place by providing a range of services: medical writing; project; site, data and pharmacy management; biostatistics; IVRS randomization; monitoring; regulatory affairs; financial and legal assistance; translations.

Ecla, located in Rosario, Argentina, leads the coordination of clinical trials in Latin America. Besides, strong liaisons with other clinical research networks have allowed ECLA to expand worldwide and perform multinational multicenter studies.

ECLA's mission

The level of accuracy of medical conclusions arising from a clinical trial is closely related to the quality and quantity of the data collected. ECLA responds to these two essential aspects with a philosophy of excellence and careful operative work.
ECLA's primary goal - to improve the health care all over the world- encourages the development of clinical research to find new therapies not only in the field of cardiology, but also in different therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, diabetes, pneumonology, etc.
Unique dedication and commitment to excellence are the foundations of our success and the support to our mission.

Head Office
Jujuy 1415 (S2000AGE) - Rosario Santa Fe - Argentina