Fovea Group

2006   Pursuing its unremitting quest to reach the highest Quality standards, EBC is awarded the overall ISO 9001 Certification embracing its entire sphere of expertise: National and international epidemiological surveys, Promotional campaigns, Professional Relationships

2003 FOVEA continues its relentless efforts to reach the highest standards of Quality: On 26th February 2003, it is successfully awarded the 2000 edition upgrade of the ISO 9001 International Standards
  FOVEA and EBC carry on developing their skills and competence: From their base in Rueil-Malmaison, they successfully manage several major surveys in over 35 countries - in Europe, but also in Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle Eas

2002 FOVEA increases its paid-up capital to 150,000 euros
  FOVEA reacts to an ever-increasing demand for organising set-up reunions and results presentations (Clinical Research), as well as communication strategies (Marketing Studies): Thus is born EVIDENCE Based Communication, headed by Armand SEDEFDJIAN

2001   FOVEA increases its paid-up capital to 100,000 euros

2000   In an ever-increasing competitive and internationalised environment, FOVEA:
  becomes one of the very first CROs to be awarded the ISO 9001 Certification
  initiates on-line studies with several Sponsors

1999   FOVEA implements a policy of partnership with a leading international network in order to conduct clinical trials at the European level

1998   FOVEA becomes a Limited Company with a paid-up capital of 250,000 FF (38,112 euros)

1993   FOVEA adds Conception of Studies and Monitoring activities to the Department of Clinical Studies to offer its customers enhanced services and skills in clinical trials

1990   In order to offer a broader expertise to the Pharmaceutical Industry, FOVEA introduces 2 new activities:
  Biometry services within the Department of Clinical Studies run by Franck Sévenier
  Market and Products Studies (qualitative and quantitative) within the Department of Marketing Studies run by Eric Ohayon

1988   After having instituted a third-year Pharmaceutical Marketing curriculum at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Ecole de Commerce de Paris), Eric Ohayon (a biochemist by training) and Franck Sévenier (a Doctor of Medicine as well as a statistician) create FOVEA, a company specifically tailored to conduct quantitative Markets and Products Studies on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Head Office
3 bis chemin de la Jonchère, FR-92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France