Novella Clinical

  In 1998, clinical research professionals founded what was formerly known as PharmaLink with a single vision: use advances in internet-based technology and security to simplify and revolutionize the clinical trial process. Through an infusion of capital and an affiliation with Family Health International in 1999, PharmaLink  (thereafter called PharmaLinkFHI) realized its ambitious goal to become a global, full-service eCRO.

  Since then, we've expanded our clinical teams, refined our processes and fully integrated data capture and project management technology.

  In 2000 we became the first CRO to license Phase Forward’s InForm™ software. By licensing the software, we were able to host our sponsor’s studies, produce a clinically focused and easy to use eCRF and program our CTMS system, InfoLink, to compliment the clinical database. That enabled us to take a great clinical database and make it more useful in the conduct and management of clinical studies. We followed that success by licensing Medidata’s RAVE™ software in 2005. 

  Also in 2005 we launched what was formerly known as eReady Monitors – a resourcing division to support our full-service programs, supplementing our project teams with the right expertise, at the right time and in the right location. Now Novella Clinical Resourcing is a vibrant, global, collective team, working with sponsor’s and their service providers to provide strategic resourcing and clinical solutions worldwide.

  In 2008 we increased our global reach. After many years of working as strategic partners with what was known as Matrix Clinical, PharmaLinkFHI formalized the relationship through acquisition. The advantage was two-fold: it enabled our clients to manage trials online with maximum speed and efficiency, as well as conduct studies from virtually anywhere in the world.  With the advent of new and enhanced technologies, we knew there was a better, more efficient way to run clinical programs.

  And that growth made it necessary for us to become one – Novella Clinical.

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