ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Founded in 1998 by Daniel M. Perlman, RPS implemented its business plan to build the industry's first Pharmaceutical Resource Organization model. This innovative new business model was created specifically to address the anticipated challenges facing the biopharmaceutical industry, including the need to contain costs, improve quality and accelerate the drug development process. The RPS plan was dedicated to achieving the goal of providing the biopharmaceutical industry with an alternative to traditional outsourcing models by offering customized, integrated solutions that addressed these fundamental industry challenges. Our unique ability to leverage a Sponsor's existing processes and systems; create innovative new processes that improve productivity, speed and quality; and provide highly experienced staff to manage and execute activities at the direction of the Sponsor is the foundation of the RPS integrated model. Our solutions are customized to meet the different needs of small, medium, and large biopharmaceutical sponsor companies.

As the market leader in integrated global solutions, RPS has leveraged its considerable expertise to further build its clinical infrastructure and offer enhanced, full service clinical development outsourcing solutions. These solutions can be designed to execute individual projects utilizing RPS proprietary processes, systems and operating model, OR conducted within the operating model of our Client, leveraging existing processes and systems to provide cost savings.

To this end, RPS has ReDefined the Game by offering both integrated clinical development solutions and enhanced full service solutions that raise the bar with respect to increasing the quality and speed of drug, device and diagnostics development, enabling new life-changing therapeutics to reach the market better, faster and cheaper.

Corporate Headquarters
RPS, Inc. 520 Virginia Drive Fort Washington, PA 19034 USA