Clinical Trials on Adjuvant Therapy

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  • NCT04682210
    Not yet recruiting
    Conditions: HCC, Adjuvant Therapy, Immunotherapy
  • NCT02718391
    Conditions: Malignant Melanoma, Adjuvant Drug Therapy, Vaccin Therapy
  • NCT02301286
    Conditions: Colon Cancer, Adjuvant Therapy
  • NCT03963882
    Conditions: Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer, Radical Hysterectomy, Objective Response, Laparoscopy, Laparotomy, Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy, Adjuvant Therapy, Systematic Chemotherapy
  • NCT03958435
    Conditions: Stage II Colon Cancer, Stage III Colon Cancer, Adjuvant Therapy
  • NCT02155998
    Conditions: Postoperative or Postradiation Adjuvant Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer (High and Very High Risk) Patients
  • NCT03900871
    Not yet recruiting
    Conditions: Aspirin as an Adjuvant Therapy, to Observe Its Effect on the Disease Free Survival Rate of Patients With Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • NCT03734614
    Conditions: Aspirin as Adjuvant Therapy in Patients With Surgically Treated High Risk Renal Cell Carcinoma
  • NCT02055560
    Unknown status
    Conditions: Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, Adjuvant Colorectal Cancer, 5-FU Containing Therapy Regimens
  • NCT01898416
    Conditions: The Aim of the Study is to Evaluate the Efficacy of Photodynamic Therapy as an, Adjuvant Therapy on the Clinical Outcome of Patients With Desmoid Tumors After, Surgical Resection
  • NCT01259934
    Conditions: Melanoma, Adjuvant Therapy
  • NCT00226408
    Unknown status
    Conditions: Adjuvant, Stage III Malignant Melanoma, Interferon Alpha, Therapy