Clinical Trials on Illness Behavior

Total 12 results

  • NCT05339737
    Not yet recruiting
    Conditions: Pain, Acute, Nociceptive Pain, Behavior, Critical Illness
  • NCT05317130
    Not yet recruiting
    Conditions: Sport Injury, Diabetes, Health Behavior, Illness Behavior, Literacy
  • NCT04956159
    Conditions: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Maladaptive Behavior Associated With Physical Illness
  • NCT04492527
    Conditions: Chronic Disease, Aging, Aging Problems, Health Behavior, Multiple Chronic Conditions, Chronic Illness, Chronic Illnesses, Multiple, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Aging, Aging Well, Healthy Life Style, Self-management, Self Care
  • NCT04961983
    Not yet recruiting
    Conditions: Behavior, Health, Travel-Related Illness
  • NCT04733456
    Conditions: IBD, Maladaptive Behavior Associated With Physical Illness
  • NCT04659694
    Conditions: Sedentary Behavior, Frail Elderly Syndrome, Frailty, Lifestyle, Sedentary, Life Style Induced Illness
  • NCT04373135
    Active, not recruiting
    Conditions: Covid-19, Critical Illness, Attitude of Health Personnel, Attitude to Health, Health Behavior, Health Care Utilization
  • NCT02990026
    Conditions: Mental Illness, Substance Use, Criminal Behavior
  • NCT03748004
    Conditions: Behavior, Adaptive, Mental Illness, Substance Use
  • NCT01912157
    Conditions: Chronic Disease, Illness Behavior
  • NCT00610376
    Conditions: Illness Absenteeism, Handwashing Behavior