Clinical Trials on Pulmonary Atresia

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    • NCT02861963
      Conditions: Pulmonary Atresia With Ventricular Septal Defect; Tetralogy of Fallot With Pulmonary Atresia
    • NCT02586740
      Conditions: Pulmonary Artery Stenosis; Tetralogy of Fallot; Pulmonary Atresia
    • NCT00385112
      Conditions: Right Ventricle; Pulmonary Valve Stenosis; Pulmonary Valve Atresia
    • NCT00004361
      Conditions: Hypoparathyroidism; Tetralogy of Fallot; Pulmonary Valve Stenosis; Conotruncal Cardiac Defects; Heart Defects, Congenital; Pulmonary Atresia
    • NCT04106479
      Conditions: Congenital Heart Defect; Single-ventricle; Coarctation of Aorta; Atrioventricular Canal; Hypoplastic Left Heart; Transposition of Great Vessels; Interrupted Aortic Arch; Tricuspid Atresia; Pulmonary Atresia; Aortic Atresia; Tetralogy of Fallot
    • NCT04452188
      Conditions: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome; Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return; Truncus Arteriosus; Pulmonary Atresia With Ventricular Septal Defect; Transposition of the Great Arteries; Double Outlet Right Ventricle, Subpulmonary VSD; Tetralogy of Fallot; Double Outlet Right Ventricle With Subaortic Ventricular Septal Defect and Pulmonary Stenosis; Cardiopulmonary Bypass
    • NCT02987387
      Conditions: Pulmonary Valve Insufficiency; Pulmonary Valve Stenosis; Heart Defects, Congenital; Congenital Abnormalities; Cardiovascular Diseases; Heart Diseases
    • NCT02744677
      Conditions: Complex Congenital Heart Defect; Dysfunctional RVOT Conduits or Previously Implanted Valve in the Pulmonic Position
    • NCT03767673
      Unknown status
      Conditions: Esophageal Atresia
    • NCT04136795
      Not yet recruiting
      Conditions: Esophageal Atresia; Oesophageal Atresia; Restrictive Lung Disease; Chest Wall Anomaly