Clinical Trials on Social Support

Total 13 results

  • NCT04893447
    Conditions: Suicide, Suicide, Attempted, Suicidal Ideation, Social Support, Secondary Prevention, Patient Care Planning, Outpatients, Outpatient Clinics, Hospital, Mental Health Services, Mental Health, Mental Disorder, Loneliness, Emergency Service, Hospital, Depressive Disorder, Depression, Continuity of Patient Care, Ambulatory Care, Adolescent, Adult, Crisis Intervention
  • NCT03576209
    Conditions: Sleep, Quality of Life, Functional Ability, Well-being, Social Identity, Leadership, Social Support, Motivation
  • NCT03907891
    Conditions: Ischemic Heart Disease, Hopelessness, Physical Activity, Motivation, Social Support, Covid19
  • NCT04100577
    Conditions: Infant Mortality, Infant Death, Racial Bias, Prenatal Stress, Prenatal Care, Maternal Child Health, Health Problems in Pregnancy, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mental Health, Support Groups, Minority Health, Healthcare Disparities, Maternal-child Health Services, Social Determinants of Health, Trust, Physician-Patient Relations, Quality of Care
  • NCT04199338
    Enrolling by invitation
    Conditions: Self-Care, Self Efficacy, Perceived Social Support, Peritoneal Dialysis
  • NCT01497613
    Conditions: Social Isolation, Social Support (Formal and Informal), Well-being/Quality of Life
  • NCT03147924
    Conditions: Anxiety, Depression, Self Concept Alteration, Social Support
  • NCT02627612
    Conditions: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Reintegration, Social Support
  • NCT03376711
    Unknown status
    Conditions: Social Support, Affect, Ventilators, Mechanical
  • NCT03118388
    Conditions: Mental Disorder, Mental Health, Employment, Housing Problems, Social Support
  • NCT02177474
    Conditions: Depressive Symptoms, Low Perceived Social Support, Coronary Heart Disease
  • NCT00958607
    Conditions: Stroke, Caregiver Social Support, Caregiver Mental Health, Caregiver Sense of Control Over Life, Caregiver Participation
  • NCT00971217
    Conditions: Self Concept, Body Fat Composition, Depression, Perceived Social Support