Clinical Trials on Spinal Cord Neoplasms

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  • NCT02881957
    Conditions: Craniocerebral Trauma, Intracranial Aneurysm, Brain Neoplasms, Spinal Cord Injuries, Seizures, Meningitis, Stroke, Intracranial Hemorrhages, Critical Illness, Vitamin d Deficiency
  • NCT05096468
    Conditions: Esketamine, Pregabalin, Acute Postoperative Pain, Neurosurgical Procedures, Perioperative Complication, Spinal Cord Neoplasms
  • NCT02341950
    Conditions: Spinal Cord Injury, Spinal Cord Involvement, Spina Bifida, Transverse Myelitis, Polio and Post-polio Syndrome, Syringomyelia, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Neoplasms, Spinal Cord Diseases
  • NCT03593330
    Unknown status
    Conditions: Surgery, Brain Tumor, Brain Tumor, Recurrent, Brain Pathology, Spinal Diseases, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Fusion, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Hydrocephalus, Fusion of Spine, Aneurysm, SPINAL Fracture, Chiari; Net, Skull Injuries, Brain Cancer, Brain Metastases, Brain Diseases, Brain Lesion, Brain Cyst, Spinal Curvature, Spinal Instability, Spinal Cord Neoplasms
  • NCT02926391
    Unknown status
    Conditions: Spinal Cord Compression, Spondylosis, Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament, Spinal Neoplasms, Bone Disease, Infectious
  • NCT00974623
    Conditions: Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolithesis, Spinal Deformity, Cervical Myelopathy, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Spinal Cord Neoplasms
  • NCT02603874
    Unknown status
    Conditions: Spinal Cord Neoplasms, Spinal Fractures
  • NCT02494622
    Conditions: Spinal Cord Neoplasms