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    • NCT04256395
      Conditions: Susceptibility to Viral and Mycobacterial Infection
    • NCT04096872
      Conditions: Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer,Endometrial Lesion & Adnexal Lesion,Ectopic Pregnancy & Infertility,Pelvic Obstructive Disorder & Genital Tract Deformity
    • NCT03011879
      Unknown status
      Conditions: ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction
    • NCT02694445
      Conditions: Alzheimer's Disease
    • NCT01549067
      Unknown status
      Conditions: Advanced Malignant Neoplasm; Colorectal Cancer
    • NCT01307410
      Unknown status
      Conditions: Type 2 Diabetes