Oncology Focused. ACORN CRO emerged from community-based oncology and specializes in providing scientific solutions for oncology. We understand the processes and complex operational issues that can act as barriers in accruing patients to research studies/ or trials.
Key oncology opinion leaders from community-based practices, hospital-based cancer centers of excellence, and academic sites are immediately available to provide consultation on your project. The depth of oncology experience among our team members makes a remarkable difference in the efficient operation of studies.
Our operational experience in oncology includes over 20 specific cancer types, as well as supportive care studies that encompass Quality of Life issues for anemia, bone loss, depression, fatigue, pain, insomnia, infusion reactions and neutropenia.
Value Driven. Superior turn-around times distinguish ACORN CRO. Every ACORN CRO team member understands and appreciates the perspectives of our pharmaceutical sponsors, participating clinics, and patients the research serves.

  • For sponsors, ACORN CRO delivers shorter accrual times and more diverse patients.
  • For participating investigators, ACORN CRO provides processes and tools such as Guardian EDC™ that facilitate rather than impede the research process.
  • For patients, ACORN CRO helps make the most promising research trials available in their own communities.

Customer Centric. Operational flexibility is a hallmark of ACORN CRO. Our rapid response team is geared for quick and efficient start-ups. Our proactive Project Managers employ well-defined process and quality controls to ensure excellence throughout every facet of your study. Our work is both quality and metrics driven with a commitment to flexibility to meet customer needs.

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