Bradstreet Clinical Research

For almost two decades Bradstreet Clinical Research has provided clinical research and regulatory affairs services to pharmaceutical, medical device and medical education companies. Our clients consistently compliment us for being an outstanding service oriented consulting company. Our client loyalty is a result of high quality work, excellent communication, high level of trust and value pricing. We deliver the highest quality clean data, while meeting agreed upon timelines and budgets. If you require clinical development services, the BRADSTREET Group promises to provide you with quality performance, speed, personal service and affordability.
Our core strengths are in project management, clinical services including Phase IV studies and registries, and regulatory affairs. We have the experienced, committed team needed to deliver superior results, from project inception through completion, from study design to regulatory submissions. Our senior professionals are highly skilled in all aspects of clinical development and regulatory compliance and are always up-to-date on professional guidelines, especially the FDA's continually evolving regulations, policies and procedures.
Each of our senior professionals has over 20 years of success. They take leadership roles in every project, and communicate continually with sponsors. BRADSTREET advocates and offers comprehensive project planning and project management, using either BRADSTREET's Clinical Trial Management Program, or your company's management program. One client recently offered uniquely high praise by saying we have the most "correctly analytical" people they have worked with.
Detailed, well thought out project management and monitoring are the foundation of our clinical services. With good management and monitoring we build in data quality assurance from the beginning. Many clients have utilized our monitor training programs, while major pharmaceutical clients consistently engage us to audit the work of CROs they have used.
In summary, our people make the difference, their commitment to quality service, superior management, detailed planning and frequent communication are fundamental to the success of this company and your project. As we have over the past two decades, the BRADSTREET Group will continue to provide serious help for serious work.

Offices in United States: Po Box 236 Colts Neck,NY07722

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