Clininvent Research Pvt. Ltd.

In partnership, trust comes much before capabilities.

The only way to thank our sponsors for our success is to acknowledge the faith that they have put in us. And how do we do that? Give back to them the best we are capable of by sharing their mission with equal zeal.

Unquestionable ethics and integrity

We strongly believe the key to a great partnership is trust and we begin with building it with ourselves first. We trust our individual and collective capabilities because each one of us brings in a high level of integrity and ethics to our work and work place. So when we meet our sponsors they know whatever they entrust us with is what they would share with their closest associate.

Consistent and measurable quality in everything we do

Everyday, every time, each moment that we spend on our projects, we keep reminding ourselves of the one thing being vital to our service business - delivery of quality services with a high degree of reliability. When we make a commitment to our sponsor to deliver a project, we actually make a promise to ourselves to meet their expectations, time frames and budgets. However, to ensure fulfilling the commitments throughout every project life cycle, we continuously monitor and take corrective measures in consonance with the best practices followed worldwide.

Outstanding service and flexibility to meet customer requirements

What sets us apart from the rest is our will to achieve nothing but the best in customer service. Because, here, every project the sponsor entrusts us with is sacrosanct. We go to great lengths in understanding our sponsors, their needs, and their challenges and mould ourselves accordingly. When it comes to quality solutions in the shortest possible time, we don't budge even an inch. Call it flexibility or our willingness.

Commitment to staff development and collaboration

How we perform, as an organisation, depends on our ability to attract and retain qualified professional, scientific and technical staff. Our goal is to create a professional environment that attracts, develops and retains outstanding employees who are committed to growth in the clinical development arena and delivering high quality services in a team environment. A culture of continuous improvement and innovation and staff that constantly seeks better skills, methods, and approaches to problem solving are critical to the company's success.

Head Office
Clininvent Research Pvt. Ltd. A-103, Everest Chambers Marol Naka, Andheri - Kurla Road Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400 059 India