Consent Solutions

  ConsentSolutions was founded by recognized experts in the field of patient / study subject and delivery of consent information. With decades of combined experience, the members of the company's senior management team are also known for making complex scientific and medical content easily accessible through websites and CD-ROM applications.

  The company's mission is to use its domain expertise in patient education to reduce the cost and time required to bring new drugs and medical therapies to market, and to minimize the long-term expense caused by ineffective pre-procedure consent delivery. Through the use of streaming media, interactive exercises and libraries of multimedia educational materials, ConsentSolutions will benefit sponsors, CRO's, regulatory compliance and quality programs, IRB's and study candidates.

Frederick, USA Office
228 N. Market St., Suite 200 Frederick, MD 21701 USA

Vermont, USA Office
428 Hawk Pine Road Norwich, VT 05055 USA