EPS Co., Ltd.

Clinical trials and post-marketing clinical studies are critical to verify the safety and efficacy/effectiveness in the developments of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
Starting with planning a study, all the activities of monitoring, data management,statistical analysis and NDA submission are vital and integral parts of the development of pharmaceutical product.
And recently the precision and quality of these activities have been demanded more than ever and speeding up of a drug development becomes an important issue.
The environment surrounding developments of pharmaceutical products and medical devices is drastically changing and corporate conduct on the basis of ethics and sciences is being required of a CRO.
It is EPS's mission to provide support to allow drugs and medical devices to be delivered to those in need at the earliest possible date.
EPS will continue to be an "EVER PROGRESSING SYSTEM".

Head Office
Tsuruya Bldg. 2-23 Shimomiyabicho, Shiniuku-ku, Headquarters Map Tokyo, 162-0822