Hawaii Clinical Research Center

The Hawaii Clinical Research Center was established by Denis Mee-Lee, MD, MS, CPI along with his associate, Walter Nunokawa, PhD in 1989 to conduct specialized research within the diverse ethnic population of Hawaii. The Center has conducted close to 300 Phase I, II, III and IV studies with compounds covering a wide range of indications. Although HCRC's focus was traditionally with CNS medication, its capacity has broadened to incorporate inpatient and outpatient trials covering a wide range of therapeutic areas and indications.

HCRC is currently embarking on an expansion program to become a major international "East meets West" CRO and Phase I research site for the Pacific Rim. We have a modern 50-bed residential unit for various inpatient and Phase I trials. Our dedicated clinical staff team have different specialties and are all devoted to excellent patient care and meticulous conduct of clinical studies. We are all working together to provide better health and better lifestyle to all human beings.

HCRC will also inaugurate Valden, a unique contract research organization to collaborate with pharmaceutical sponsors and clinical research sites in the discovery and development of breakthrough compounds with Pacific Rim and global relevance.

Experience clinical research with devotion to the scientific method and gracious hospitality with an empahasis on Aloha.

Head Office
1286 Queen Emma Street Honolulu, HI 96813 USA