IST was founded in 1990 as a privately-owned clinical research organization.

In the late 90’s when Boehringer Mannheim was taken over by Roche and the clinical research department in Mannheim was closed down, several very experienced specialists were recruited by IST (MDs, a statistician, data managers, monitoring and drug safety specialists). Thereafter, IST has been growing steadily.

IST’s policy was, and is, to establish long-term business relationships and to develop in-depth knowledge of projects beyond the level of individual studies. We strongly believe that this makes our work more valuable to our sponsors as we are able to take over more responsible functions.

We are committed to high quality standards of service including, but not limited to, formal compliance with regulations and guidelines.

Adherence to timelines and budget control are important to us. Quick decisions and flexibility are warranted by our flat organizational structure.

We provide an excellent job environment with a low personnel turnover.

Soldnerstrasse 1 68219 Mannheim Germany