KGK Synergize

At KGK Science, we integrate scientific, clinical research, commercial and regulatory expertise to deliver well-designed solutions for companies. As a leading full-service contract research organization offering human clinical trials, KGK’s aim is simple—to utilize our scientific strengths and experience to serve the expanding business and consumer demands as it relates to the natural health products and nutrition industry.
At KGK our aim is to help advance nutritional knowledge and science and help improve people’s health and well-being. Moreover, we are deeply committed to ensuring that consumers have access to safe and effective, high quality, natural health and wellness products respecting freedom of choice and philosophical and cultural diversity. Clinical trials on natural health products help bring new, unique and clinically validated health and wellness products to the market. Having scientific evidence to back up the claims on the natural health products gives the consumer the confidence that the products they are buying are safe and effective.

Offices in United Kingdom: Suite 1440, One London Place,255 Queens Avenue,London, ON

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