McKesson Canada

Helping you connect with patients

McKesson Canada carries more than 35,000 products, in 16 distribution centres, and provides logistics and distribution to over 800 manufacturers delivering their products to 6,300 retail pharmacies, 1,350 hospitals, long-term care centres, clinics and institutions, all over Canada.

Distribution is what we are known for, but McKesson Canada does much more than logistics and order-fulfillment. Did you know that McKesson Canada has automated 2,500 retail pharmacies, and that every year, over 100 million doses are dispensed through our hospital automation solutions?

The truth is that manufacturers and health care providers count on us for a full range of services that contribute to the quality and safety of care for Canadian patients.

Ultimately we help connect manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, and various health care institutions who serve the needs of over 12 million Canadian patients every single day.

McKesson Canada Mission

To be the Canadian leader in health care supply management solutions by advancing the success of our partners.

About McKesson Canada

McKesson Canada is the leading provider of logistics services, software applications and automation solutions within the Canadian health care marketplace. McKesson Canada offers a range of integrated solutions through our five business units which are McKesson Pharmaceutical, McKesson Logistics Solutions, McKesson Automation, McKesson Health Solutions, and McKesson Information Solutions.

McKesson Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Corporation of San Francisco, one of the world's leading health care supply management and information technology companies.

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