Medelis, Inc.

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies routinely rely on clinical research organizations to help plan, manage and conduct the clinical trials needed to get new therapeutic and diagnostic agents and devices approved. Despite the range and complexity of the activities required - site and patient recruitment, document preparation and management, data monitoring, medical management, etc. - the most important needs are basic: the right data and conclusions as early as possible.

Medelis has the breadth of capabilities, depth of expertise, strategic partnerships, focus and agility to deliver accurate results quickly. We recognize the evolving trend to more targeted therapeutics, and are organized to set up trials and recruit patients with exceptional speed. And with the expertise and methodologies to model trial results, we can provide a level of strategic insight that is generally not available from today’s clinical research organizations.

For our clients, that means not only helping to speed a drug to market; it also means the decision support to determine the most strategic next clinical move to optimize the financial results from your oncology drug development efforts.

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