MIC Medical Corporation

MIC Medical Corp. was established in December 1986. It started as a regulatory consultant for overseas medical device companies interested in Japanese market, and also as a CRO to support for preparation of documents for regulatory application. One hundred and tens of medical device companies and tens of pharmaceutical companies are our clients. The size of our clients is large or middle in Japan or overseas. Support for clinical development of pharmaceuticals mainly in monitoring support is now our major contributor in our sales. For medical devices, we provide support for approval application and related regulatory consulting services for a number of medical devices including electrical medical devices, implant and disposables. We have obtained about 1,200 approvals so far, which is the greatest achievement among any companies in Japan. MIC's great feature is its excellent personnel and excellent in-house training system. Our staffs have a good reputation for their high skills.

Head Office
Yushimadai Building, 2-31-27 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-0034