Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd.

Ocimum Biosolutions is a leading integrated global genomics company providing GLP-compliant microarray services, comprehensive genomic reference databases, life science lab information management solutions and essential research consumables. Majority of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies, leading research institutes and emerging biotech companies worldwide have chosen us as their preferred outsourcing partner and utilize our expertise for understanding underlying mechanisms of diseases, discovery and prioritization of gene targets and biomarkers. Our solutions span across key priority areas including BioPharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Agriculture, Food & Nutrition. Diverse research and development efforts in such key areas have benefited from our unique range of integrated services.

We provide multi-platform GLP-compliant gene expression, SNP genotyping and other Microarray based services. We also provide full biorepository and genomic services support for the Genetic Alliance, which is an umbrella organization representing ~600 genetic advocacy groups. Besides providing the physical infrastructure for storing thousands of biological samples, we provide services to assist sample accrual, IRB approvals, CRO training, sample collection, clinical data capture and management.

Our global infrastructure, standardized procedures, capacity, expertise and highly skilled staff support drug development programs from pre-clinical target development and toxicogenomic assessment to clinical biomarker identification and patient stratification. In creating the world’s largest commercial gene expression databases – BioExpress® and ToxExpress®, we have developed expertise and capabilities that are unparalleled in the genomic services industry. Our specialty LIMS solution, Biotracker™ caters to the growing needs of core labs in global companies and research centers involved in Life Science Research.

As a preferred partner for genomic outsourcing, we continue to invest on quality resources and technologies for enabling global R&D.

Corporate Headquarters
6th Floor, Reliance Classic Road No. 1, Banjara Hills Hyderabad - 500 034. A.P., India