OSMOS Clinical Research, Inc.

  Headquartered in South San Francisco, California, the hub of biotech and pharmaceutical activity, we have been helping to advance medical breakthroughs since early 2004. OSMOS was started by Boris Iossel, a medical professional with many years of experience in clinical research and a native Russian speaker, to address a growing demand for specific expertise in clinical research trials in Eastern Europe and Russia. Since then, we have become the leading expert group on trials in that region.

   Over the last few years, OSMOS has expanded our services to cover new regions opening up for clinical research, such as India and Latin America. In addition to our own multicultural and multilingual staff, we employ trained and trusted associates in these emerging markets. We have selected local physicians with proven track records in monitoring, managing and ensuring safety, quality and compliance in clinical trials who share our passion for excellence at every stage in the clinical research process.

   At OSMOS, we understand that change happens at lightening speed and can affect our clients’ work almost immediately. That’s why we are committed to staying one step ahead of the curve by constantly monitoring and analyzing important developments and news related to clinical research activities in the emerging regions. This also means we are continuously updating our network of local and international vendors and consultants. Our goal is to offer you the best service in the most appropriate location for your project.


400 Oyster Point Boulevard, Suite 210 South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA