Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre

Our Mission statement at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research centre is “To do things right the first time, every time and with Empathy”.
Since Inception in 1996, the institute has treated more than one lac patients and will continually strive to treat and eliminate cancer, to provide an evidence-based high quality and focused approach to cancer care. We are responsive to the needs of patients and their families and as a part of an ongoing modernization program we are continually upgrading our services and equipments.
We believe in recruiting the right people, retaining them and investing in their professional development.
The compassion shown by our Doctors – along with evidence based and innovative cancer treatments, comprehensive education and research-based prevention of common cancers – have earned the Institute the gratitude of cancer patients and their families. Undoubtedly we are leaders in the field and strive to maintain that position.
The hospital has 241 beds, with 21 Day Care, 18 Intensive care and 17 post operative beds. There are 92 general beds, deluxe suits and deluxe rooms are also available.
The hospital has a training program to train new generation of cancer researchers and clinicians.

Head Office
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center Sector - V Rohini Delhi - 110 085 India