Recerca Clínica

Recerca Clínica is a Contract Research Organization (RC CRO), which also works as a Consulting (RC Forum) and Training Center (RC Training) founded in 2000 and based in Barcelona. We provide a complete service of clinical trial development both nationally and internationally. We support pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, as well as scientific societies, international CROs , public institutions and other research centers in the planning of clinical trials and their orientation , as well as at different development stages (Phase I- IV ), post-authorisation and marketing trials.

RC has the ideal combination of experience , adaptability , flexibility and talent on our team. RC is a company based in the knowledge of our staff and aimed at total quality at highly competitive prices. Our customer orientation is characterized by a highly customizable to your needs organization. Innovation in organization and knowledge are the basis in compliance with Good Clinical Practices.

Offices in Spain: Recerca Clínica, S.L., C/ Llull 393, Entlo. 3ª, Barcelona, 08019, Spain

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