REGISTRAT-MAPI is the largest dedicated provider of Late Phase research to the global biopharma and medical device industries.

  For more than twenty years, our people have provided Late Phase research services built on one simple premise, that clinical research involving marketed products is fundamentally different than research prior to approval. These differences show themselves in a myriad of ways from navigating governmental regulations to meeting provider and patient expectations, roles, and responsibilities. All of these factors reflect the complex, ever-changing demands of the “real-world” environment. One thing, however, is constant: to achieve optimal results requires a company with deep expertise and experience focused on designing and performing Late Phase research. This is why our people, systems, and processes are devoted to this and only this.

  Government and market forces continue to increase the demand for Late Phase research and REGISTRAT-MAPI is committed to continuing its leadership role in the field. An innovator in registries, safety studies, and product utilization studies, REGISTRAT-MAPI represents the most qualified and comprehensive solution available. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and familiarity with research in more than 32 countries, REGISTRAT-MAPI can assist from the beginning of your efforts to the end – from helping you consider the strategic and practical issues in project conceptualization and design, to executing your research on the ground around the world. In addition, as a member of the MAPI Group family of companies, REGISTRAT-MAPI brings you industry leading market access, patient reported outcomes, health economics, and linguistic validation resources.

Corporate Headquarters
27 rue de la Villette F-69003, Lyon, France