Richmond Pharmacology Ltd

Richmond Pharmacology, Europe's leading Early Phase Full-Service CRO, uniquely based in 2 acute NHS London teaching hospitals. Richmond Pharmacology, the 1st and only CRO to receive both Standard and Supplementary MHRA Phase I Accreditation for 2 Trial Centres, a clear sign of the quality of our clinical trial facilities and the experience and training of our dedicated and committed staff.

Richmond Pharmacology’s experience has been gained through the conduct of over 500 Early Phase Studies and ensures your study is managed by experts providing unparalleled clinical excellence. Our continued commitment to quality, flexibility and transparency can be seen throughout all study activities. An achievement clearly recognised by our committed customer base.

Richmond Pharmacology provides you with an experienced Early Phase Study Team to manage your project from study design through to final clinical report. Choose the Richmond Team and work with our experienced Trialists, Clinical Pharmacologists, a world-class Scientific Advisory Board and a wide variety of on-site therapeutically aligned experts to consistently deliver results on time and on budget; all conducted within the framework of Europe's highest level of Regulatory Accreditation.

Choose the Richmond Pharmacology Team and rest assured that you have chosen Europe’s leading, and the UK’s largest, Early Phase CRO. Rely on the experience and expertise of our clinical teams for the delivery of First-Into-Man studies, Thorough QT Studies, Japanese Bridging Studies and Patient studies. Our unique hospital locations guarantee our sponsors direct access to acute emergency services, therapeutic expertise and a wide variety of healthy volunteer and patient populations.

St George\'s University London Cranmer Terrace Tooting London SW17 0RE UK