Spacelabs Healthcare

Spacelabs Healthcare – Connecting Innovation with Care

Spacelabs Healthcare brings together some of the world’s most respected medical devices and services. With offices worldwide and distribution channels in over 100 countries, Spacelabs Healthcare has the talent and resources to deliver on its promises of innovation. We connect the needs of caregivers and their patients with real-life integrated solutions. We offer value to our customers through a broad range of products and services that assist you in delivering the highest quality patient care as efficiently as possible.

"Customer First" means Customer Choice

When we frequently ask our customers what they are looking for in a technology partner time and again they say, “choice,” “flexibility,”and “openness”. Every day, we respond by offering products designed to integrate smoothly into your existing environment, services delivered by caring people who make your life easier, and creative ways to grow and scale your technology as needs evolve. By working closely with forward-looking healthcare and technology partners worldwide, we deliver solutions to help you diagnose, treat and monitor patients more effectively.

Corporate Headquarters
5150 220th Avenue SE Issaquah, Washington 98029 USA