The Siesta Group

The Siesta Group is a comprehensive service provider supporting the measurement of sleep, wakefulness and brain activity in clinical trials and research in the CNS field. This encompasses, among others, high quality services concerning polysomnography (PSG), pharmaco-electroencephalography (pharmaco-EEG), event-related potentials (ERP) and actigraphy. Our services range from consultation, site selection, site training, centralized data scoring and analysis, data quality control, to device rentals. Innovative software technology, secure data transfer, state-of-the-art scientific know-how, and flexible processes, all compliant with ICH-GCP and other regulation, ensure the best possible endpoints in measuring sleep, wake and brain activity in your trial. The Siesta Group is the developer of Somnolyzer 24x7, the world's most reliable and valid tool for computer-assisted sleep scoring for clinical and diagnostic purposes. The use of Somnolyzer 24x7 and its related EEG analysis tools in your clinical trial ensures a quality of endpoints unsurpassed by other providers in the field.

Offices in Austria: Schloßhofer Str. 11, 1210 Wien

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