Triesta Sciences

  Triesta Sciences (Triesta), a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Care Global Enterprises, comprises of Reference laboratory, R&D and CRO.  It is based in Bangalore specializing in oncology research and global partnerships in oncology product development. The company offers a wide range of clinical trial management and support services along with research services to global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our primary focus has been in the area of biomarker based clinical drug and diagnostic development. We have undertaken several studies in breast, colorectal and lung cancer, some of which have been presented at conferences and published in scientific journals.

  We work closely with several leading hospitals and medical institutions within India for our research. This provides us access to a large base of patients for participation in our research studies. We have established an integrated molecular pathology laboratory currently located in HCG towers. A well equipped cancer BIOREPOSITORY mainly for breast and colo-rectal cancer has put Triesta on the horizon of transational research in India.

  Triesta Sciences has developed its capabilities as an Oncology focused Contract Research Organization. A team of dedicated Scientists, oncologists, and Clinical Research Professionals are involved in the planning and conduct of research activities. A detailed cancer registry program involving all the HCG hospitals, a tissue banking and frozen tissue repository facility for biomarker research activities has been planned and developed. A process based functioning system of conduct of all clinical trials at the sites has been created, with GCP trained coordinators and staff at each of the sites. The strength of the CRO is its focused effort in the field of oncology research, a dedicated team of research professionals experienced in designing, conduct and management of oncology research projects; a team of experienced oncology investigators and staff within the HCG group of hospitals; access to a large cancer patient pool within the network hospitals; and the excellent working relationships with most of the large oncology institutions outside of the network.

Head Office
HCG Towers, 8 P. Kalinga Rao Road Sampangi Ram Nagar, Bangalore, 560027 India