Trio Clinical Research, LLC

  Trio is an innovative clinical research services company supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in their quest to bring novel products to market.  The traditional CRO’s model is full-service oriented, often making it difficult to deliver cost and resource efficient solutions to clinical research programs. We bridge the gap between full-service CROs and traditional staffing companies that have little, if any, clinical research expertise.  Sponsors can engage an entire project team in virtually any therapeutic area in phase I-IV, or they can choose only one individual. Just think of us as your virtual clinical operations department.

  Trio addresses the limitations of the CRO and traditional staffing industries by offering our clients three customized solutions for solving their clinical trial needs:

Clinical Trial Management

• Functional Outsourcing

• Clinical Resourcing

8045 Arco Corporate Dr. Suite 200 Raleigh, NC 27617 USA