United BioSource Corporation

We founded United BioSource Corporation (UBC) in 2003 to address a growing need for specialized scientific and medical affairs solutions in the life sciences industry. The global health care industry was transforming rapidly as patients, health care professionals, government regulators, and health insurance organizations focused increasingly on containing costs, improving safety, and understanding the comparative effectiveness and value of health care products. In response, more biopharmaceutical and medical device companies began evolving their business model, shifting from a focus on marketing and sales to a greater emphasis on generating credible scientific evidence of product effectiveness, safety, and value.

Our vision was of a global organization tailored to address the evolving scientific and commercial needs of these companies. The nucleus of this new company would be a team of accomplished research scientists, biomedical experts, research operations professionals and program managers, and technologists, collaborating with clients to build the wealth of evidence necessary to guide the effective, safe, and affordable use of their products. Based on this initial idea, we raised $153 million from a group of leading organizations that recognized a unique opportunity to build a new generation organization tailored specifically to address rising demand for scientific evidence in the health care industry.

Today, UBC is a global scientific and medical affairs organization comprised of over 1,400 colleagues who design and execute product development and commercialization programs for clients throughout the industry. UBC is a leader in peri- and post-approval product development; safety and risk management; health economics and outcomes research; pricing, coverage, reimbursement, and access strategies; and medical publications and communications. Our specialized research support solutions and tools – such as rater certification and investigator training programs – are recognized and respected throughout the global medical community. Moreover, UBC is a leader in the design and deployment of customized technology to ensure the efficient, secure and reliable collection and storage of research information.

Corporate Headquarters
4445 Willard Avenue 12th Floor Chevy Chase, MD 20815 USA