We provide an unparalleled depth of experience, technological capability and expertise in imaging for clinical trials. Our services support all aspects of imaging in clinical trials, from design to FDA submission, pre-clinical through Phase IV. We are a company with a commitment to customer service that far surpasses what our customers expect. We respond quicker, foresee challenges sooner, and get you the answers you need faster—all in a manner that gives you a deep sense of trust and confidence.

VirtualScopics' computer-assisted analysis techniques provide superior precision and reproducibility, enabling faster and more reliable detection of disease progression or therapeutic benefit, accelerating the clinical trial process, and providing a basis for future diagnostic applications. The company's proprietary software algorithms can process hundreds of separate medical images taken during an MRI or CT session into a single, anatomically accurate three-dimensional model, providing clinical researchers a previously unobtainable source of reproducible data including the characterization of minute changes over time. This visionary biomedical firm evolved from research initially undertaken at the University of Rochester Medical Center and School of Engineering.

VirtualScopics is a leading imaging core lab providing central reads and quantitative imaging solutions for drug and medical device clinical trials. Therapeutic area expertise includes: oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, neurology, and cardiovascular studies utilizing MRI, PET, CT, Ultrasound, and X-Ray imaging modalities. Advanced semi-automated analysis software is used in conjunction with expert technicians and radiologists to quantify image-based biomarkers to deliver precise and repeatable measurements. This delivers the opportunity for compressed trial time, reduced subject sample size, real-time reads and the ability to prove drug or device efficacy earlier.

Corporate Headquarters
500 Linden Oaks Rochester, NY 14625 USA