PAREXEL International

  As the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries evolve to meet the demands of changing global marketplace, companies of all sizes are embracing contract clinical research organizations to help them increase efficiency, accelerate time to market, reduce costs, and expand the reach of their pharmaceutical clinical research. These partnerships create a robust blend of internal and external resources that allows both partners to concentrate on what they do best.

Clinical research innovation

  As an innovator in defining strategic partnerships for the biopharmaceutical industry, PAREXEL continues to evolve as the needs of our partners change.  We have created new models of operating excellence and best practices that help our industry partners address key time and cost challenges throughout the pharmaceutical product development process. We have expanded the depth of our clinical research service expertise so we can accommodate any product development requirement – whether it involves specific therapeutic areas, worldwide regulatory strategies, multinational clinical research, advanced technology, or access to emerging markets. 

Global pharmaceutical clinical research experts

  In addition, PAREXEL has extended its global reach to offer our full range of biopharmaceutical development services across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific region.  With these resources, we help our partners implement cost-efficient global development strategies, access diverse patient populations, avoid costly study delays, and conduct quality clinical research services worldwide. 

  By selecting PAREXEL as your strategic partner, your company can leverage our dedication, expertise, innovative technology, and global infrastructure to accelerate the completion of key development milestones, increase efficiency, and reduce the cost of bringing new products to market.  More important, these improvements align with the shared goal of everyone in our industry: to address unmet medical needs and improve healthcare worldwide.  Whatever your global biopharmaceutical development requirements, PAREXEL is right where you need us.

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