EastHORN Clinical Services


Founded in Prague in 2004, EastHORN Clinical Services is today one of the leading CROs in Europe. We operate in over 20 countries in the region with an experienced team comprised largely of physicians and PhDs.

EastHORN’s client-base ranges from the largest global pharmaceutical companies to the smallest biotech. Since 2004 we have performed international studies in every major therapeutic area: oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, nephrology, metabolic, CNS, women’s health disorders and paediatric indications. Thanks to a country-specific expertise, we are increasingly relied on to manage complex and difficult projects that are not always attractive for larger CROs.

We have the capability to support your program from the very beginning by providing protocol design input all the way to the final statistically analysed submission package.

EastHORN has a highly developed internal Quality Assurance program to ensure compliance with ICH-GCP and the integrity of the data we generate. 

As the Clinical Research industry is continuously improving and changing, it is paramount that we proactively adapt EastHORN’s processes to meet business needs and expectations. Part of this strategic vision is to ensure EastHORN’s Quality Management System and connected processes meet and exceed international standards, like ISO 9001.

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