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As you consider which CRO to work with, it is natural to ask “Why Synteract”? Why should you choose to trust in Synteract as your CRO? What makes a job candidate make a decision to further their career by joining us? What makes our employees stay? What do you need that our teams can deliver best? At the end of the day, for us and the people that work for us, it is all about improving the quality of human lives: it’s why we are all in this industry. To us, “Bringing Clinical Trials to Life,” is both descriptive and aspirational because we bring your drug concepts and innovative ideas to life through clinical trials, and we assist in bringing better medicines to market internationally to aid the quality of life for patients who need them. “Bringing Clinical Trials to Life” represents our commitment to engage with you, the drug sponsors, to bring your insights to action and to make better therapies for patients a reality. Working alongside your team through every stage of development, and finally, seeing new drugs approved to improve patients’ health and even save their lives – that’s what “Bringing Clinical Trials to Life” means to us. Over our 30-year history, our promise that what we say is what we do has been proven in trials conducted in 62 countries and garnering 240+ product approvals.

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