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About Celero

Celero provides optimal returns to innovative biotechs & pharmaceutical companies by addressing unmet needs, accelerating clinical development and commercialising innovative healthcare products.

Trial mismanagement is the main reason why 85%-90% of clinical trials fail, leading to the loss of a significant amount of resources and funding.

Your clinical trial strategy is essential when considering your future market share. Our experts will identify countries with unmet needs, high sales potential and eligible subjects for your trials. 

Celero's excellence and invaluable experience in project management will ensure that your trial runs smoothly and timely with results in data quality of the highest standards.

You need a team of experts with an end-to-end track record from Clinical Development to Registration. 

Our team has successfully completed 80 clinical trials, including 64 for vaccines, generating over 20 product approvals.

We are dedicated to being a key contributor to the financial success that your product will have by providing you with market access to emerging markets.

That is why we provide Strategic Consulting; A one-of-a-kind tailored service with the goal of optimising Return on Investment from clinical trials, increasing transparency, and accelerating the registration process.

If you feel your pipeline products are innovative, possess favourable efficacy and safety profiles and have clear clinical differentiators, we want to talk.

Contact us by visiting our website at www.celero.global or reaching out to us at info@celero.global.