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Biocard Research

Phone: 7, 499, 308, 82, 78


A Contract Research Organization that specializes in organization and conducting of international and local clinical trials in Russia. Here you can find information about our services, contact details, history and experience. We will familiarize you with the detailed information about our services - Regulatory, medical writing, translation, feasibility, project coordination, monitoring and site management, data management, statistics, and with our partners: Distribution center "Biocard Logistics", which organizes drug importation and customs clearance, drug storage and local distribution, biological samples exportation etc.; Clinical Pharmacology Unit "Bessalar Clinic", which performs clinical trials of II-IV phases and bioequivalence. Successful development and establishment of business relations with "Biocard Logistics" and "Bessalar Clinic" companies allows us to significantly optimize the study budget, while maintaining high quality and turnaround time. Our main advantages are the experience and flexibility to respond to specific tasks and specific time frames. If you are interested in clinical trial organization in our country we will be very pleased to discuss a potential cooperation with you. Please, refer to "Feedback communication & contacts" section.

Office in Russia: Karamyshevskaya Naberezhnaya 44, 123423, Moscow, Russia

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