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ZM Company

Phone: 1-416-825-3490

Fax: 1-416-352-5330

E-mail:[email protected]


ZM Company is part of the Group of International Drug Safety Contract Research Organizations (CROs), with offices in Canada (ZM), Russia (3M Veritas), China (NJ YZ), and additional satellite offices in USA and EU.

Combining flexibility of small CRO with diverse experience, profound knowledge, 24/7 availability, variable resources of transcontinental company, and full-service CRO capabilities, we adhere to providing high quality creative expert solutions for the clients’ projects with maximum flexibility and premier focus on the clients’ interests.

We bridge the gap between clinical and data management aspects of the trials to ensure the medical accuracy and integrity of data. Our diverse team of specialists are experts with great experience in different areas of Pharmaceutical Industry on a global market

Office in Canada: Toronto

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