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International Clinical Trials Association (ICTA)

Phone: 33, (0)3, 80, 53, 40, 00

Fax: 33, (0)3, 80, 57, 10, 22


ICTA testifies of a 35-year long experience of successful international and local pre- and post-authorisation clinical studies. We’ll come up with the best solution whether the development is clinical, epidemiological or econometric!You will find at ICTA a group of professionals eager to share their expertise in clinical research and provide you with the most suitable solutions. Today, ICTA exercises a well-seasoned leadership both in clinical R&D of phases I, II, III, whether “frequentist” or “adaptive ", namely Bayesian.ICTA is one of the first and very rare European CROs able to claim real-life and successful clinical experience, which conveys an image of know-how and expertise in designing which is unique in modern clinical R&D.

Office in France: 11, rue du Bocage 21121 Fontaine-les-Dijon

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