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Phone: 44, (0)20, 7060, 9110

Fax: 44, (0)20, 3405, 1553

E-mail:[email protected]

Welcome to the Biotrial website, where you will find extensive information on the services we offer, on our expertise and experience, and of course on how to contact us. At Biotrial, drug evaluation and pharmacology research is a tailor-made service. And ‘service’ is apparent in every detail: in the way we advise you on the design of a study, in the flexible but thorough way we implement our work, and in the responsive way we communicate with and report back to each of you. To literally have a ‘service rendered’ is just the very meaning of what Biotrial does and that is why our sponsors choose to work with us. We begin with your interests at heart and continue throughout our collaboration. What we do, we do well.

Office in United Kingdom: Biotrial International, London

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