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Venn Life Sciences

Phone: 44, (0), 28, 9080, 8357


Venn Life Sciences is an Integrated Drug Development Partner offering a unique combination of drug development expertise, clinical trial design and execution services. This enables us to create, plan and execute drug and medical device development programs effectively and seamlessly for our clients. We have dedicated operations in Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, and Europe-wide representation. We have teams across both early and late phase research. Our late phase teams specialise in multi-site cross cultural clinical trials with unique knowledge of local and EU regulations. Over our 25 year history we have built up substantial therapeutic and study experience, contributing to the efficient management of sites, budgets and communication channels with all parties involved. Venn is renowned for its hands-on approach and consistent delivery of high quality work on time and on budget.

Office in United Kingdom: 62 Donegall Pass, Belfast, BT7 1BU Northern Ireland.
Office in United Kingdom: 1 Berkeley Street, London, WIJ8DJ, United Kingdom

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