SCDM India Annual Conference

Dates: 30 November, 2023 – 02 December, 2023

Status: scheduled (the event will take place as scheduled)

Mode: offline (the event will take place in a specific location not available online)


India , Bengaluru

Humans have and will always play a key role in how we manage, collect, validate & analyse clinical data. Clinical data management has gone through massive evolution from paper trials to electronic data capture and now, moving towards digital. Today, we are able to understand our patients’ needs better and are able to course-correct clinical trial process thanks to digital technology and Real-World Evidence in a more real time fashion. The bedrock of a good clinical trial is the speed at which the data is analysed, how accurate are the insights, and how soon can this help accelerating delivery of best medicines to our patients. And technology has further increased the expectation of clinical data management to outdo itself with every passing year, and data managers are always upskilling and re-skilling themselves to meet with the challenging and dynamic business needs.

Regulatory bodies are adapting to the constant change and revising their guidelines at regular intervals to ensure sponsor companies are doing the right thing in the most efficient manner. With the rapid technology space, it is key for us to connect within the industry to share best practices and learn from each other to find innovative ways on how best we can collaborate working towards a common goal to deliver medicines to the patients in the most ethical and faster manner.

The SCDM India Annual Conference on 1st and 2nd December 2023 provides a platform to meet the attributes of this theme and share industry practical learnings with each other which you can implement in your respective domains.

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