Bio Analytical Research Corporation (BARC)

At Barc Lab our work is about helping you succeed, yet we have a nice story to tell. Take a glance at who we are and what we do.
The quality of life and the health of patients has always been our top priority. Our first customers were looking for a central laboratory to act as a reliable partner, that understood what they were trying to achieve and could ensure high quality sample results with exceptional customer service. From that need, Barc Lab was founded 35 years ago. Today, with 600+ employees in 6 offices throughout the world, we remain committed to helping YOU succeed, as we are passionate about improving patients' lives. We partner with you to develop bespoke, optimized solutions for your projects to ensure success as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. We do this by leveraging our state of the art technologies and world-class scientific talent.
With our focus on clinical research, we understand the criticality of the laboratory data for your development programs and regulatory submissions. Our experience allows us to help you ensure that not only do you get reliable answers to the questions you are asking but that you also ask the right questions in the right way. With our centers of excellence in flow cytometry, histopathology, PK & biomarkers, genetics and microbiology, you can be assured that Barc Lab has the expertise to support your research today and in the future.
Barc Lab has always had a strong culture where we believe in the power of innovation, trust, respect and transparency. We are committed to exceeding expectations and engaging and inspiring people globally. In the end, helping you achieve your goals is what we care about. Feedback from our partners and customers shows that they choose to work with us for our why and our who, not just for what we can do. We know that trusting and lasting relationships come from close collaboration, so our teams are always excited to start a dialogue and learn about you and the patients you are trying to help. Once we understand your objectives, we can then give you all the attention you deserve and go the extra mile to allow you to focus on what matters - bringing innovative therapies to the patients that need it most.

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