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Convex CRO

Phone: 35929863109

Fax: 35929888700

E-mail:[email protected]


Convex Ltd. is a Bulgarian CRO, partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. The majority of our clients are international medium- to large-sized CROs. As a full-service Clinical Research Organization, we combine efficient clinical trial management, comprehensive regulatory consulting and know-how to create a customized approach that ensures higher quality services for our international partners. Over the past two decades, Convex has completed over 260 clinical trials in various therapeutic areas. We offer flexible service models ranging from full-service packages to specific functional service options. Convex's currently active clients come from Italy, France, Germany, US, Poland and Israel. Our commitment to quality and continuous innovation has created long-lasting client relationships. Convex provides all in-country’ clinical trial services from feasibility to the final end-of-study. We are capable to meet any study protocol requirements on time and on budget. For the excellent performance to every protocol we provide: Feasibility Manager Contract Negotiation Specialist Medical Writing Specialist Clinical Study Manager Study Subject Recruitment Specialist Well-trained CRAs and CTAs Data Management Specialist Biostatistician

Office in Bulgaria: OFFICE 2, 6, TRI USHI, STR. SOFIA, 1000
Office in Bulgaria: 11A, SINANISHKO EZERO, STR. SOFIA 1680

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