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Pharma Medica Research

Phone: (905), 624-9115

Fax: (905), 624-4433

E-mail:[email protected]


Pharma Medica Research is a full service contract research organization specialized in conducting early phase clinical trials in healthy volunteers, special and patient populations. To date we have completed over 3,500 clinical trials intended for various submissions around the world. These include studies are across multiple therapeutic areas for New Chemical Entities (NCEs), hybrid and generic submissions. We have routinely and successfully been audited by FDA, EMA, MHRA, AGES, Health Canada and ANVISA. Our reputation is built upon principles of on-time performance, responsiveness to the industry we serve, and delivery of uncompromising quality at reasonable costs. Our unique client-focused approach truly differentiates us. Pharma Medica Research has developed processes that put the needs of our clients first. These include flexible study scheduling, rapid turnaround and prompt final report delivery. Outsourcing should not be complicated. We are here to make placing your bio studies as simple as possible.

Office in Canada: 6100 Belgrave Road,Mississauga, Ontario,L5R 0B7
Office in Canada: 4770 Sheppard Avenue E,Toronto, Ontario,M1S 3V6

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